Family Swap Picking Up The Pieces – S1:E1

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Chloe Temple and Nathan Bronson become children to Will Pounder and Cory Chase. The makeshift family starts of wholesome with family time in the living room, but there’s some definite sexual tension between the younger and older family members. Their family time falls apart when Nathan and Chloe start going at each other. Chloe tells Nathan he has a small dick, so Nathan whips it out to prove Chloe wrong. Will decides to pop his dick out to prove that he’s not small either. Chloe claims that both boys are so stupid they can’t even undo a bra, so Will takes Chloe and Nathan takes Cory. Both men remove their lady’s bra without taking off her shirt.The needling continues when Nathan knocks puzzle pieces onto the floor. Cory and Chloe get on their hands and knees to pick them up while commenting that neither of the men’s balls are big enough to fuck a woman. Will and Nathan take the opportunity to pull the girls’ miniskirts up and their panties down to fuck them in doggy. Although their pussies are nice and wet, the girls keep insulting the guys, which only urges them to even greater efforts. They agree to actually show the men how to fuck, whereupon they get up and push the boys onto the couch.Sticking with their same partners, the girls hop onto the D to ride with Cory in reverse cowgirl and Chloe in cowgirl. Still moving in tandem, they climb off to deliver deep throat BJs. Cory gives Nathan a titty fuck between her big boobs, then moves over to Will. Swapping partners, they hop back onto the D in reversed positions. Then the girls switch partners once again since Chloe wants her swap daddy back. They fall to their sides so that they’re leaning on each other as the boys fuck them in the spooning position. They don’t quit until Will has creampied Chloe and Nathan has creampied Cory. The girls keep on needling the boys even with jizz dripping from their pussies, then agree to meet up in the shower without the men.


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